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Because it approaches its 20th anniversary, Manufacture Roger Dubuis nowadays likes existence underneath the shelter of Richemont’s corporate umbrella - but, individuals who recall the stellar rise and so the demise of the Roger Dubuis company will possibly keep in mind the extravagant collections which once populated their portfolio.

Richemont introduced order along with a more restrained method of the watch designs at Roger Dubuis but fortunately they didn't eliminate the on-the-dial drama which was the essence of the company’s success - not to mention, the standard mark of the Geneva Seal which still remains an element of every single Roger Dubuis watch, without exception.

The Roger Dubuis Hommage Replica Minute Repeater Tourbillon Automatic includes a couple of watchmaking’s most difficult features, a flying tourbillon along with a minute repeater, also it presents all of them with thoroughly hand-crafted appearance worthy of the Geneva Seal stamp of approval.

Because of the requirements of the exclusive mark, exemplary standards should be apparent around the visible appearance in addition to individuals that are contained inside the confines of the watchcase, so with Roger Dubuis watches it is not easy to determine which to admire first, the inside or even the exterior. Most watch aficionados start with the movement of the watch, frequently shunning the dial by turning the piece over immediately, however for this model, the very best view of the Calibre RD 104 can be based in the face-up position.

Inside a triumph of design, this Roger Dubuis model offers the perfect mixture of a partly open-worked dial, which enables for any glimpse of the mechanical workings of the striking mechanism, yet still time supplying a readable time indication, having a subdial composed of of Roman numbers, leaf-formed hands, and also at its center the distinctive guilloché finishing technique that is symbolic of Roger Dubuis watches. Between 5 and 6 o’clock, the continual motion of the flying tourbillon is yet another stunning focus about this multi-layered dial layout that has been presented having a broad bezel ring.

With the caseback, the very finished RD 104 movement could be respected. It features twin rotors which are manufactured from platinum but that have been decorated with pink gold guilloché and together they create a reserve of power of 60 hours. Masterful hand-finishing guarantees that does not the busy whirring of the dual micro rotors takes away from the compendium of techniques used in the development of this fine calibre.

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